Orderform bunad for men

Fill in the measurement form below. Your order will be activated when
the order form plus a $ 200 deposit is received. Use bank account

NO95 7162 11 61800

Taking measurements:
Please take the measurements indicated below while wearing comfortable indoor clothing.
It is easiest to have a helper take the measurements while you stand still and face forward.
If measurements are taken in inches, please calculate the conversion to centimeters as follows:

Inches X 2.54 = Centimeters
Example: 30” X 2.54 = 76.20 cm)

If you are in doubt about how to take your measurements, please contact us by

email at: toralhau@online.no

Before finalizing your order at our administration, we will double-check your measurements to avoid misunderstanding.


NOTE : It is very important to measure close to your body and not add or subtract any
centimeters to the measurements. Our tailors will add ‘wearing ease’ to the measurements during
the process so that the garments fit comfortably


Measurement form men bunad :

Mål Cm Mål Cm
1. Length from shoulder to the front waist 11. Circumference around the knee
2. Length from the middle of the neck to the waist 12. Length from the crutch to under the knee

3. Circumference around the breast
13. Length from the crutch to the floor
4. Circumference around the waist
14. Length from the waist to the floor
5. Arm length from the middle of the neck across bent arm to wrist

15. Circumference around the back
6. With of the shoulder from the neck to the end of the shoulder

16. Circumference around the neck.To be taken where the shirt is closed

7. Length of the arm from shoulder across bent arm to the wrist
17. Circumference around the wrist

8. With of the back   18. Total height  
9. Length from the waist and 10cm below the lowest point of the knee ryggen.   19.Circumference aroubd biceps  
10. Cicumference around the leg   20. Length from front waist,under the crutch and to the back waist  

For your own control: Measure AN minus measure AS shall beappr. the half of SB. Measure LA plus measure RL shall be measure NG minus ankelkul to floor. Measure RB is usually less than measure SB.
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