Orderform bunad for
Woman’s Bunad


Taking measurements:
Please take the measurements indicated
below while wearing comfortable indoor clothing.
It is easiest to have a helper take the
measurements while you stand still and face forward.
If measurements are taken in inches, please
calculate the conversion to centimeters as follows:

Inches X 2.54 = Centimeters
Example: 30” X 2.54 = 76.20 cm)

If you are in doubt about how to take your measurements, please contact us by

email at: toralhau@online.no

Before finalizing your order, we will
double-check your measurements to avoid misunderstanding.

For cape orders, please provide the following measurement only: NG .

NOTE : It is very important to measure
close to your body and not add or
subtract any centimeters to the
measurements. Our tailors will add
‘wearing ease’ to the measurements
during the process so that the
garments fit comfortably


Measurement form ladies bunad :

Measure Cm Measure Cm
OV Overwidth
Measure from left armhollow, over the breasts, through right hand armhollow, back on the back and to left armhollow where measurements started.

LV Waist width
RL Backlength, from shoulder to the waist
Measure is taken from neck root on the shoulder and down to waist where the belt is

TBR Total length breast and back: Measure from waist front, over the breasts, cross neck and backwards over your back down to waist on your backside (se drawing on the right above)
Armlength from shoulderpoint AS over bent arm. Measure from outer point of of shoulder where arm starts. (on shirts there is allways a seam just here) Measure all the way over bent arm down to arm wrist.

SB Shoulder width
Measure from outer point left shoulder over your neck to outerpoint of right hand sholder. (on shirts there is allways a seam just here)

AN Armlength from the middle of neck (backside) over bent arm to arm wrist
HV Hand wrist circumference
RB Width of back on backside
Measure from left arm hollow (NOTE: let your arms hang right down and measure from the point where arm "connects" to back) to right arm hollow

NG Length from neck (on upper part of spine) to floor, without shoes.
H Neck circumference
TH Total higth, from top to toe
LA Length from waist to ancle top

For your own control: Measure AN minus measure AS should be appr. the half of SB. Measure LA plus measure RL should be measure NG minus ankelkul to floor. Measure RB is usually less than measure SB.
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