All prices are inclusive of VAT and complete bunad with shirt, waist, skirt and bag.

NOTE: We sell ONLY complete bunads and not individual-parts

LADIES BUNADS - complete bunads
Skirt / waist, shirt / blouse and handbag

PRICE in US dollars

Graffer bunad 2900 dollars
Gudbrandsdalen bunad , black or blue 2900 dollars
Lundeby bunad, black or blue 2800 dollars

Marie Aaen bunad in two-leg wool, black or green

3200 dollars *

Marie Aaen bunad black or green in cloth

2900 dollars
Nordland bunad, blå 3100 dollars
Ringeriks bunad black 3100 dollars
Romeriks bunadin two-leg wool dark blue-green L40 3300 dollars
Capes 790 dollars
Vestfold bunad black 3400 dollars
All bunad prises are without silver and shoes  



Nordland bunad COMPLETE without stockings

3100 dollars



All bunad prices are without silver and shoes