Some simple advice on laundry and ironing BUNAD SHIRTS


Cotton shirt
Cotton is a durable natural material that requires hard washing, harsh detergent and high temperature to clean and remove bacteria. Bleach is not recommended for the break down the material. Cotton shirt with embroidery can be washed at 60-90 degrees normal laundering program. (Note: Cotton shrinks 5%). Detergent must have alkalis but not; perborates, bleach or regular bleach. Cotton can withstand dryer but will shrink further and wear the shirt. Therefore not recommended. If the shirt has embroidery it is recommended to wash the same way as the linen shirt.


Never let the costume linen shirt be long dirty, filthy when partying up and it becomes more difficult to clean. Keep it dark, plain and ustrøket condition, in a white cloth bag, box or a towel. Do not use plastic for storage.

Washing and ironing of costumes Shirt
Washing of the shirt
Use a neutral gentle-wash detergent. One must not use strong alkaline detergents or detergents containing bleach or enzymes. Place the shirt in water a few hours if there are unsightly stains. Is there protein spots added the shirt in cold water, or in warm water with gentle-wash detergent.

Use good hot water from 60 to 90 degrees. Keep your shirt in motion. Once the water has fallen to a temperature which hands can bear, drained shirt gently. Do not rub on either the shirt or embroidery, and do not twist it before rinsing.

Rinse the shirt first in lukewarm water, then in cold water at least 5 times. Let it soak for 10-15 minutes in the final rinse water. The shirt can turn yellow if a careless irrigation. Hang the shirt to drip dry for bottom edge with clothespins. Attach additional sleeves, rope with clothespins.

When the shirt is taken out from storage must be soaked well and roll in a towel. Allow it to pull a while. Then ironed it in wet suit inside out.

Ready for stripping
It is safer to iron with steam iron that you set on linen. An arm to the ironing board also facilitates efforts to get to the wrinkles on the sleeves.

Use a coarse white towel on the board when you iron embroidery. Add embroidery down the towel and hair from the inside out. Coffee then all the wrinkles up to embroidery along the neckline and the sleeves without towel. Coffee sleeves finished first and front and back end. The shirt ironed in wet suit inside out.