The Ringerik Bunad


Lovely embroidered Ringeriks National costumes sewn according to your personal measures.
Ringeriks Bunad was constructed after the war in the 1940-ies. It came, however, in trade first as late as 1954. It was the desire for a more "noble" costume for a party in Ringerike which was part of the reason that this was developed. It has some similarities with Graffer bunad from Gudbrandsdalen. They had wanted a costume with embroidery on.
At Ringerike Museum is exhibited a table cloth that the embroidery originated from. The origins of the edge is unknown, some thought it was from an old skirt, but experts argued that it was probably an old table cloth. Insect motives from the border are scattered throughout the bunad. Waist and skirt are in woolen cloth and we have it in black.
Complete costumes (everything except silver, hat and shoes) with shirt, vaist, skirt and purse.
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