Romerike bunad
in bluegreen (L40)


The bunad consists of skirt, waist in Norwegian two-leg wool fabric, apron, shirt in cotton, bag and cape. Bunadnorway makes this in Norwegian plain weave wool in bluegreen. Embroidery in three yellows and a hint of red is in it. Wool yarn is used satin and outline stitches. Mouliné yarn used in the basic seam and bones. Romeriksåsen costume sale elsewhere in blue, green, or red wool. (not Costume Norway) where it ran along the edge.

Waist in color, quality and embroidery. It is sewn onto the stack and closes with three snaps down and one up. Apron is similar stack in quality, color and embroidery. The bag is in same as waist in quality, color and embroidery. The shirt is made of cotton with embroidery in white. Both have wire tags on the collar and cuffs should be sealed. Cape (option) is in the same fabric as the skirt and must be the same color except red, then used black fabric.
(see price-list)

Stockings should be white.

Our bunads are all sewn with linings inside.